Exhibitor Profile

• Construction Tools, Equipment and Mach.
• Industrial Kitchen Equipment
• Hotel and Hospitality Equipment Units
• Iron & Steel Aluminium Products
• Lift and Transfer Tools
• Prefabricated Buildings and Accessories
• Municipal and City Equipment
• Pipes and Plumbing, Mold and Pump
• Light Machinery, Construction Machinery
• Hardware and Fasteners, Asphalt Equipment
• Doors, Windows, Shutters, Roller and Glass Syst.
• Suspended Ceiling and Roofing Systems
• Floor Coverings, Wall Coverings
• Ceramic and Marble
• Pool and Gym Equipment
• Roof, Wall Cladding and Curtain Wall
• Paint, Varnish, Construction Chemicals
• Scaffolding, Formwork and Equipment
• Heat, water, noise and fire Insulation
• Heating, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning Syst.
• Interior and Exterior Lighting
• Electrical Devices & Equipment
• Regulator, UPS, Transformer
• Generator and Power Equipment
• Security, Alarm and Satellite Antenna
• Solar Energy Systems