The International Construction Summit (Nigeria) June 27 - 28, 2019.


The International Construction Summit 2019, brings together developers, engineers, architects, contractors, financial institutions and other key stakeholders to lead and accelerate the digital innovation in the construction supply chain. Hear from the pioneers in the industry and how they have adopted BIM and other digital technologies as tools for conquering new frontiers in constructability.

The programme features talks and discussions on how advanced software and hardware are used from concept to planning and optimizing each step of the building process to minimize delays and cost overruns. The summit shows the practical application of technology that enables you to gain better foresight, overview, and control of your projects from start to finish.

• Improving efficiencies of project planning with integrated technology solutions that empower all parties in the building process.
• Embracing a collaborative approach through technology to adopt digital disruption in the Nigerian and West African construction market.
• Regional market forecast and the overview of perceived challenges and opportunities faced by construction companies.
• The digital transformation of construction sites with robotics and sensors enhancing worker safety and efficiency.
• The role of technology in value engineering in the construction industry.
• Innovating the construction process with generative design and digitization of site quality inspection.
Attendees will benefit from a mixture of insightful case-study presentations, interactive panel sessions and technology-orientated roundtables. Learn how the construction sector is driving innovation forward from 3D printing, robotics, automation, drones, AI and to modular assembly and process automation in high-rise construction – how will it change the way you deliver projects?

• Hear from industry leaders on emerging trends to help you shape your business strategies.
• Discover new solutions enabling some of the region's most complex construction projects.
• Developing key business partnerships with top-tier government-related entities, developers, EPC Contractors, architects, programme managers, MEPs & technology vendors.
• Learn the legal aspects of technology with regulatory frameworks and impact on contractual requirements.
The Construction Summit will attract leading professionals and technical innovators from Europe, America, UAE, Nigeria, West africa and the wider region. This event is an ideal platform to discuss the latest news of the industry, share project experiences with your fellow colleagues and learn from experts in your field. Major operator's active in the following sectors will be in attendance.

Building Design | Construction and Operation | Civil Engineering and Construction | Drilling and Piling, Earthworks | Mapping and GIS | Marine Construction | Mobile Mapping | Monitoring | Rail | Scanning | Surveying | MEP Engineer and Contractors | Transportation and Logistics | Utilities | Real Estate.
Speakers of The Construction Summit/IBC show 2019 represent many of the Region's leading organizations, experts as well as Government Bodies. An exclusive Summit where each speaker will bring their own expertise in construction innovation, technological know-how, and market-specific solutions to efficient building and construction. The Construction Summit provides you with a platform for the exchange of practical knowledge, market insights and technical information on a range of topics that are key to driving down costs in construction. Our recognized speakers are experts within the Region's construction industry and will impart their knowledge on the latest construction technologies, expert market analysis, specific technological solutions and much more.

The Construction Summit/IBC Show is known for its interactive atmosphere, as you can benefit from insightful case-study presentations, interactive panel sessions and technology-orientated roundtables with Senior Executives, VIP's, Country Experts as well as Government Professionals.
11.10 - 11.20 AM

Engr Charles Akinyele Akindayomi FNSE President, ACEN GUEST OF HONOUR

Opening Remarks

11.00 - 11.10 AM

Chief Host, Engr. Aishatu Aliyu Umar, FNSE National Chairman, NICE

Welcome Address

11.30 - 12.00 PM

Dr. Kadri Obafemi Hamzat, Deputy Governor Lagos State


11.20 - 11.30 AM


Opening Speech

12.30 - 02.00 PM

Greg Truen MD, SAOTA Architects

Improving Effıciencies Of Project Planning with Integrated Technology Solutions That Empower All Parties In The Building Process

11.45 - 12.30 PM

Architect Ladi Lewis, CEO Azdec A.S.C Design Consultants

Embracing A Collaborative Approach Through Technology To Adopt Digital Disruption; Case Study Of The Falling Waters

11.00 - 11.45 AM

Tosin Osinowo MNIA, CEO CmDesign Atelier (cmD+A)

Digital Technology, Civil Re-engineering and Architecture; Meeting The 21st Century Demands

12.15 - 01.00 PM

Engr Kunle Adebajo FNSE MD, Ove Arup & Partners Consulting Engineers

Enhancing The Construction Sector Through Tech and Logistics Efficiency with Case Analysis Of Prominent Civil Infrastructure In Nigeria

11.30 - 12.15 PM

Regional Market Forecast and The Overview Of Perceıved Challenges and Opportunities Faced By Construction Companies